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Homo Erectus

About one million years ago, when Homo Erectus decided to walk on two legs, he must have sensed that things would never be the same for him again—that he could kiss his old ape habits good bye. No more swinging from tree branch to tree branch, no more throwing his feces around. He would have also been the first to admit that he wasn’t quite ready yet for martinis, smoking jackets and Masterpiece Theatre. A lot of men today find themselves in a similar position—aware they can’t go back to what they were and, at the same time, unable to figure out what they are supposed to become.rnrnWomen are trying to figure out the New Man too. And who better to ask than an insider, a man? You’ll be laughing as you follow Joel Yanofsky through the minefields of dating, mating, and breaking up in the nineties.

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