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Gravitational Fields: A Novel of Peacetime and War

The Holocaust–six million Jews murdered. Then the war is over, a remnant is saved, and all drift back into the normal world. But for those who survived and their children, it is never over. Duvid’s sons, Simon and his twin brother Adam, born in Israel, raised in Montreal, grow up haunted by overheard secret stories from the war, whispered in disconnected bits and pieces. After the death of their father, they discover strange writings on crumbling scraps of cloth hidden in his old suitcase. Are they clues to a hidden past their father always avoided talking about? Simon, his life torn apart by adversity, goes on a quest to find their meaning, both for himself and his father. He doesn’t imagine, though, the wonders they will reveal: his father’s secret and surprising history. Shifting from the small town Jewish life of pre-war Poland to the wilds of Russia, from Europe to Montreal, and on to Israel, Gravitational Fields is a moving, lyrical story, an epic tale of family, adventure, survival, and especially, love.

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