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Ganymede’s Dog

Took all this time to actually in fact bite our own tail to learn that that hurts; I guess it was worth it. / Developed a taste for tails.rnrnThe prose poems of Ganymede’s Dog startle myths back to life, whether Ganymede’s abduction by Zeus in the form of an eagle, his abduction by a century’s worth of Budweiser labels, Sophocles’s boozy boy-chasing, or the dancing plague of 1518. rnrnJohn Emil Vincent teases his materials into surreal, joyous, dirty, sometimes gruesome animation. His revelations arrive in the guise of other characters, and throughout, there are dogs. Dog-themed philosophy, dog-headed saints, dog-worshipping island rituals, and just plain dogs invite the reader to puppy-pile with Petronius, Catherine the Great, and Saint Christopher in a sapiosexual orgy with autocorrect handling the towels.rnrnDeeply infused with gay culture and mythology, Ganymede’s Dog is a collection of smart, knowing, allusive, often ironic poems that ponder the boundaries of legend and the privileges of youth and beauty.

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