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Evie, the Baby and the Wife

Evie Troy has a tendency to overcomplicate things, and that can get her into trouble.rnrnWhen her dying friend Jean-Gabriel cons her into carrying out his last wish, delivering a monetary mea-culpa to his ex-wife Amélie, Evie decides she knows better. In a fit of misguided generosity, she appropriates his cash to help set herself up as a surrogate mother on behalf of the barren Amélie, a plan she keeps so secret not even Amélie has an inkling a baby is headed her way. rnrnEvie’s pregnancy scheme pops so many holes at the seams that she’s forced to enlist the aid of her estranged mother Marilyn. Back when she was Evie’s age Marilyn lit out on the Abortion Caravan, a cross-Canada road trip whose final blow-out demonstration in Ottawa brought the work of Parliament crashing to a feminist halt. Marilyn can’t fathom her daughter’s daft determination to saddle up her womb on spec, but she agrees to come on board and the two of them head-butt their way through every step of Evie’s program, from arm-twisting Mr. Right into coughing up his sperm to staging the flimflam that will relay the newborn to the oblivious Amélie. rnrnBut will Amélie accept the baby they’re offering up gift-wrapped? rnrnPlayed out against the backdrop of the fight for women’s reproductive rights in Canada, Evie, The Baby, and The Wife is the boisterous tale of a mother and daughter at odds, struggling to reconnect across a uterine divide.

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