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Dervish at the Crossroads: A Soundquest Through the First Two Decades of the New Millennium

Dervish at the Crossroads isn’t a music guide so much as an autobiographical exploration of the experience of music from 2000 to 2020, with commentary on what makes the creation and consumption of music during these two decades so different from what came before. As the title implies, due to the unique conditions of our time, we can no longer think of ourselves as points on a series of evolutions; we’re now much more present to all of music, from the beginning of written and recorded music, all of which turns around us like spokes on a wheel. This grants us a unique vantage point from which to appreciate music in itself. The book alternates text with comics and infographics detailing the history of the author’s discoveries as a music journalist during this time, along with her own personal experiences and ruminations, as well as many gleaned from interviews with musical artists.

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