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Dandelions Help

Eve McBride’s topics range from dandelions to satin shoes, from raising daughters to coping with cats, bats and plumbers, from the nostalgic memories of the farm to the horrors of the Dec. 6 Montreal Massacre. The common thread holding McBride’s collection of columns together is the passion she brings to each subject. rnrnMcBride’s collection of columns from the Montreal Gazette and the Toronto Star, gathered up under the whimsical title, “Dandelions Help,” were written during the ’80s and ’90s. The title comes from her ode to and defense of dandelions, from the Montreal Gazette, May, 1992. This is the column that generated McBride’s strongest reader response. rnrnMcBride generously shares her life with her readers. She builds her columns around her own experiences, her own parenting moments, her own reactions to tragedy and triumph, her own travels. However, she infuses them with details and perceptions that add a universal dimension to her personal mishaps, misgivings and adventures. rnForward by Peter Gzowski.

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