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Ariadne’s Dream

On a whim, Ariadne Hatzidakis leaves Montreal for the the land of her forebears — and a trap set for her by the old Greek gods, who prefer to play tricks on the solitary, those no one will miss. The lover they present her with is Death, in the guise of Yannis Vissinos, a fallen musician whose only fidelity is to heroin, his “white bride”. rnrnAfter the gravest of his betrayals, Ariadne escapes to the love island, Nysas whose seasonal depravities have earned it the title The Island of Sodom and Gomorrah in the newspapers of Athens. She works as a waitress in a jazz club, The Scat, hoping to be rescued by a man she has only seen in her dreams or by Yannis, who has less noble plans for her. rnrnThe odds are against Ariadne, but the gods are beginning to wish that they’d hedged their bets.

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