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Antuna’s Story

When a sudden apocalyptic event transports Antuna, a tiny ant, and a few other species of insects to a far-off planet, survival becomes a priority. There is only one way that the survivors can stay alive: Make a team and work together to find food and shelter. In the face of distrust for other species, it’s up to Antuna to bring everyone together and begin the work. Birdgenaw crafts an elaborate apocalyptic tale from a deceptively simple plot. Antuna is a spirited, intelligent, and driven ant whose passion for hard work and helping others makes her a worthy protagonist. Supporting characters are fascinating-beautifully drawn and compelling as they endure loss and pain, hard work and success, bravery and triumph, and terror. Their hard-won victory towards the middle is clearly only a brief respite before they must unite against their formidable enemies.

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