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A Tale of Beauty

A Tale of Beauty is the story of five young women who have banded together as the Ugly Sisterhood. Chastity, a devout Catholic, has made a mission of saving her brother from a dissolute lifestyle. Diana is isolated by her own impossible standards. Sue, once hurt by a man, has made a game of avenging herself against his entire gender. Denise, the pragmatic office girl, escapes into realms of fantasy by night. Finally, there is Belle, who created and oversees the Sisterhood. She has managed to gain a hold over each of her sisters by manipulating their weaknesses and desires. As the women begin to grow and change, Belle realizes that her power over them is not absolute, and finds herself faced with a difficult choice: learn to adapt and change with them, or try to reclaim her power, even at the risk of the Sisterhood itself.

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