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A City With a Difference: The Rise and Fall of the Montreal Citizen’s Moveme

The Montreal Citizen’s Movement, a municipal party created in 1974, was a broad coalition which included union members, Parti Quebecois militants, members of the Quebec wing of the New Democratic Party, independent radicals, and a significant number of anglophone intellectuals. In its ten years in opposition (1974-1984), and its two terms in power (ending in 1995), the Montreal Citizen’s Movement had a powerful influence on both the policy and process of Montreal’s municipal government.rnrnA City With a Difference describes how electoral pragmatists and ideologically-driven social activists co-existed within the same political structure of what theorist Herbert Kitschelt calls a left-libertarian party. From the years in opposition to the years in power, the author chronicles the MCM’s triumphs, failures, conflicts, and compromises.

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