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by David Solway , Translated by David Solway
Poetry | 1993

Beekeeper, The

by Keith Henderson , Translated by Keith Henderson
Fiction | 1990

Before the End of the Day

by Michael Malus , Translated by Michael Malus
Non-Fiction | 1994
Finalist for The QSPELL Prize for Non-Fiction in 1995

Behind the Bench

by Dick Irvin , Translated by Dick Irvin
Non-Fiction | 1993

Behind The Face Of Winter

by H. Nigel Thomas , Translated by H. Nigel Thomas
Fiction | 2001

Behind the Orchestra

by Renato Trujillo , Translated by Renato Trujillo
Poetry | 1987

Behold Things Beautiful

by Cora Siré , Translated by Cora Siré
Fiction | 2016
Finalist for The Paragraphe Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction in 2017

Being Arab

by Paul Eid , Translated by Paul Eid
Non-Fiction | 2006

Beirut Hellfire Society

by Rawi Hage , Translated by Rawi Hage
Fiction | 2018

Beneath My Feet

by Phil Jenkins , Translated by Phil Jenkins
Non-Fiction | 2007

Beyond Forget

by Mark Abley , Translated by Mark Abley
Non-Fiction | 1986

Beyond the Door

by Jacqueline Nugent , Translated by Jacqueline Nugent
Fiction | 1984

Big Bang

by Paul Gagné, Lori Saint-Martin and Neil Smith , Translated by Paul Gagné, Lori Saint-Martin and Neil Smith
Fiction | 2007
Winner of QWF Translation Prize in 2008

Big Green House, The

by Akhtar Naraghi , Translated by Akhtar Naraghi
Fiction | 1998
Finalist for The Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction in 1995

Biker Trials, The

by Paul Cherry , Translated by Paul Cherry
Non-Fiction | 2005

Biker Who Shot Me, The

by Michel Auger , Translated by Michel Auger
Non-Fiction |

Bipolar Bear

by Catherine Kidd , Translated by Catherine Kidd
Poetry | 2006