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Bonbons Assortis / Assorted Candies by Michel Tremblay , Translated by Linda Gaboriau


Bonbons Assortis / Assorted Candies is Michel Tremblay’s fourth book of autobiographical narratives inspired by his childhood and youth. Like the previous three volumes, which celebrate the books, plays and films that shaped his imagination and writing life, this collection of eight delightful stories takes us back to Tremblay’s formative years in Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal, offering the reader poignant and joyful childhood memories as varied as the assorted candies his mother hoarded under her bed, to be shared only on the most festive or dramatic of family occasions.

Here we get to see the world through the eyes of young Michel, who is often discovered observing the other nine members of the bustling household on Fabre Street from his hiding place under the dining-room table. His mother, Nana, dominates these memories; but the tender, cherished moments shared with his father, along with his prickly paternal grandmother and irascible aunt, also profoundly shape this child’s view of the world. Neighbours, from whom the family haplessly tries to hide their poverty with dignity, brothers and an uncle, complete the rich and colourful cast of characters in this exquisite remembrance of childhood past.

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English, translated from French