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Treasures of the Reford Gardens by Alexander Reford


In Treasures of the Reford Gardens, Alexander Reford explores the collection of rare and exotic plants grown by Elsie Reford at Les Jardins de Métis/Reford Gardens in Grand-Metis, Quebec. Every summer, thousands of visitors admire the beauty of her gardens and their botanical treasures. With trial and error as her guide, Elsie Reford was a horticultural adventurer, introducing plants imported from around the world. Using her diaries and correspondence, Alexander Reford chronicles the story of some of his great-grandmother’s favourite plants: azaleas, bloodroot, blue poppies, crabapples, ferns, gentians, lilies, peonies, primulas and roses. He traces their discovery and recounts the tale of their successful introduction to Quebec. The book is illustrated with photographs by Louise Tanguay, who on repeated visits to Elsie’s paradise has chronicled the gardens through the spring, summer and fall. The photographs display the beauty of each plant, capturing their mystery and illuminating their attraction to gardeners and plant collectors alike.

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Elsie's Floral Legacy

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