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Family Scandals by Sharon H. Nelson

Family Scandals captures with precision the feelings of an adolescent girl in the nether-zone between child and adult, where men respond with lust and women deny or denounce budding sexuality. At this stage girls learn to internalize the duplicities that compose the social script prescribed for women, duplicities defined as sane and normal by the dynamics of family life. Now, when women are beginning to question the victim/survivor paradigm, Sharon H. Nelson once again gives us a book ahead of its time. Family Scandals maps a territory in which women can claim sexuality and celebrate womanhood. With a poetic voice that is clear and strong, Nelson creates delicate balances. Her images are erotic and powerful – images of woman’s eroticism and woman’s power. Pained and loving, angry and tender, these poems go straight to the heart. (-Wendy Putman, Room of One’s Own.)

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