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David and Jonathan by Stephen Schecter

Finalist for The A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry in 1997


“The story of David and Jonathan…deals with relationships that embrace all possible dimensions – the erotic, the familial, even the national-political. Stephen Schecter, with great talent and very impressive integrative powers, has woven out of these myriad relationships a long and rich poem, imbued with a classical spirit but a modern sensibility. The patient and profound reader will find here all kinds of treasures – a refined lyricism, colorful epic descriptions, and stormy drama.” – A. B. Yehoshua

Nominated as a finalist for the poetry prize of the 1997 QSPELL (Quebec Society for the Promotion of English Language Literature) awards.

Winner of the Montreal Jewish Public Library J. I. Segal prize for English literature in 1998.

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