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People from our Side by Dorothy Harley Eber and Peter Pitseolak

Peter Pitseolak, the first native Baffin Island photographer, was born in the eastern Canadian Arctic in 1902. As a child he lived the nomadic camp life his ancestors had known, but during his lifetime missionaries, fur traders, law, government, schools, and alcohol came to Baffin Island. Peter Pitseolak’s account of his life in People from Our Side shows how these developments changed the Inuit existence forever.

Sweeping from nomadic times to the early 1970s, Peter Pitseolak provides a frank and vigorous account of how change came to Baffin Island. A realist who knew he was providing a social history of a vanishing way of life, his story is a farewell to traditional camp life and to Seekooseelak — where the people of Cape Dorset once had their camps.

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A Life Story with Photographs



biography, Inuit culture



McGill-Queen's University Press