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Ten Thousand Lovers by Edeet Ravel

Finalist for The Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction in 2003


Lily is a young emigrant student exploring the wonders and terrors of her new land when she meets the man of her dreams. Ami, a former actor, is handsome, intelligent and exciting, but, like his beautiful, disintegrating country, he has a terrible flaw: he is an army interrogator. As Lily and Ami’s unexpected passion grows, so too does the shadow that hangs over them – the unspeakable horrors which Ami’s work forces him to face. In today’s world, where danger, terorism and the possibility of war are a part of all our lives, no novel could be more contemporary. Yet Ten Thousand Lovers is set in Israel in the seventies: a dazzling backdrop to a universal story of passion, suffering and the transcending power of love.

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Love in an impossible world





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