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The Love Trial by Kiki Dranias


Written under the scope of the eight notions of love defined by the Ancient Greeks, THE LOVE TRIAL is when a bunch of love addicts, from a Love Anonymous group, sue a “perfect lover” for what they claim is a reckless approach to loving.

In the form of a fictional love trial, this modern Greek tragedy depicts how a father – the Captain – tries to do right by his late daughter, who took her own life.

In this play, we are all witness, judge and jury to Storge, Philia, Agape, Mania, Pragma, Ludus, Eros and Philautia. Which one of the loves gets charged and is the accused one guilty?

The play explores themes of love, death, revenge, family dynamics, neuro-diversity and personal triumph. Tantalus, the Chorus, Narcissus and of course all Greek parents and their kids share feature in this play.



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