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Bergsteiger the Great Himalayan Bear by Barbara Burgess


Bergsteiger is a Himalayan Bear whose distant ancestor, Steiger the First, travelled from Alaska to Europe just before Beringia, the long lost continent, melted away. He crossed the frozen Land Bridge to Europe and that was just the beginning of the Steiger family’s adventures! Modern day Bergsteiger, his wife Gemutliche, and their two daughters, Guten and Morgen, live in the Himalayan Mountains. One day, Bergsteiger brings his daughters a magical gift, the Jade Elephant. Soon after, his cubs meet Mandala, a Wise Man with super powers, who takes them to the faraway Enchanted Sea. On Fun Island, the cubs meet Bouncer the Kangaroo, Flapper, the “Burgess” (the Bird King of the Island), and many other animals. Meenu, the enchanted sea maiden, tries to lure Guten into the sea. Will the Jade Elephant come to her rescue? Will the Steiger Family be able to return home to their cave in the mountains?

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