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This Country of Mine by Didier Leclerc , Translated by Elaine Kennedy


Apollinaire, a doctor in his tropical African homeland, is working as a call centre agent in icy Toronto. Still seeing himself as a physician and hoping to obtain his licence to practise in Canada, he drives around at night in a borrowed taxicab, illegally treating the ill and ailing, while leaving his loved ones behind. The people he visits include a violent countryman, an AIDS victim who uses a storm lantern for lighting, a former torturer who loves Scrabble, and a host of other characters striving to understand what life means in this new country which is now their own.

This Country of Mine is the English translation by Elaine Kennedy of Didier Leclair’s Ce Pays qui est le mien, which was a finalist for the 2004 Governor General’s Award for French-language fiction

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