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nîtisânak by Jas M. Morgan

Winner of Concordia University First Book Prize in 2019

Finalist for The Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-Fiction in 2019


Jas M. Morgan’s nîtisânak honours blood and chosen kin with equal care. A groundbreaking memoir spanning nations, prairie punk scenes, and queer love stories, it is woven around grief over the loss of their mother. It also explores despair and healing through community and family, and being torn apart by the same. Using cyclical narrative techniques and drawing on their Cree, Saulteaux, and Métis ancestral teachings, this work offers a compelling perspective on the connections that must be broken and the ones that heal.


A moment of prayer for all you NDN bb girls, women or otherwise. Sage bundles and good vibes to the air for the rez girls, the hood girls, and the street girls; for the sex workers from the east side, the north side, or the northeast side, depending on in which lost prairie city you reside. For you bbs in foster care who always give your caseworkers a hard time. Who would read “White Girl Don’t” before the worker would come for an inspection, so your sharp tongues were always ready to let Becky Do-Gooder know exactly how stupid she sounds. This is a prayer for you vagrant NDN youth who ended up in downtown Regina, hanging out on Scarth Street and Victoria Park in the summertime. For you Indigifems on 11th Avenue strolling the faerie track, who used to cackle outside my window at 2 a.m., taking back space by battle calling into the emptiness of the lonely, cold, and long inner-city winter night.




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