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Nitassinan by Marie Wadden


An indictment of the appalling treatment of native peoples in this country and a passionate call for justice, this is a revised edition with a new foreword by Peter Penashue, President of the Innu Nation.

The Innu are losing their homeland. On all sides—from Sept-Iles to Kuujjaaq in Quebec, from Sheshatshit to Davis Inlet in Labrador, and along the north shore of the St. Lawrence River—developments of all kinds are proceeding without respect for Innu land rights. In recent years the number of NATO jet bombers flying at low levels over Nitassinan’s rivers, lakes and valleys has increased. Now one of North America’s largest nickel mines will be established at Voisey’s Bay. Solvent abuse and alcoholism are stretching the fabric of the community. Despite all of this, the Innu people remain determined to safeguard Nitassinan for future generations. In this powerful book, award-winning journalist and filmmaker Marie Wadden provides a first-hand look at their ongoing struggle for justice.

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