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Girl Positive: Supporting Girls to Shape a New World by Tatiana Fraser and Caia Hagel


Showcasing diverse voices of girls and young women from North America, Tatiana Fraser and Caia Hagel shift the focus from the media’s sensationalist stories to highlight real-life accounts of how girls are making positive change and shaping a new world.

Girl Positive takes an engaging, cutting-edge view of the cultural, social and political issues facing girls today. Looking closely at topics from social media, sexual violence, hypersexuality and cyberspace identities to girls transforming the world as leaders and agents of change, Girl Positive offers stories of struggle and victory, and brings to light where today’s girls are finding new paths to empowerment. Fraser and Hagel explore

these insights and challenges with depth, compassion and a sense of adventure.

The authors travelled from Montreal to Toronto, New Haven, Whitehorse, Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Francisco, Detroit and the Wemindji Cree Nation in northern Quebec, to hang out in coffee shops, dance studios, classrooms, gyms, skate parks, beaches and

bedrooms, and talk with school girls, college students and young women in their early careers. Interspersed with their narratives are advice and input from experts in media, health, race and gender politics, sexuality, education and leadership. Each chapter also includes a Survival Kit, which offers tips and discussion questions for girls and the adults in their lives.

Through Fraser and Hagel’s journey readers will learn how to better equip themselves to support girls (and boys)—as parents, friends, educators, mentors and activists. Girl Positive celebrates all girls, illuminates emerging culture and fresh politics, and shows us the future in the making.


“We spent many hours talking with girls and really listening to what they had to say. We wanted to find out how they see themselves, how they make sense of their worlds and how they are living—if they are thriving, coping or struggling (hint: it’s often all of the above). We wanted to understand their relationship to pop culture; we wanted to know what they think of social media, sexuality, the Internet and the changing world; we were curious to hear from them on social and envi­ronmental issues such as emerging technologies, poverty and climate change. We wanted to discover how these forces are shaping their expe­riences and concerns, and how they, in turn, are shaping these realms.”

Copyright © 2016 by Tatiana Fraser and Caia Hagel

Publisher: Random House Canada

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