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A Teenage Suicide by Ian (Yanick Trudel) Truman


“All they really wanted to do was fuck around, be creative, listen to music, skateboard or go to shows. People kept telling them growing up was supposed to be tough but it’s not like they didn’t know that already. Timmy had listened. Timmy had finished school and got himself a job. That didn’t stop him from running his van into a pillar one night so what was the fucking use? Nobody seemed to have an answer.“

Conor and his friends are growing up in a one factory town where the most likely employment prospect is the assembly line or the farmer’s coop. Aiming higher than the local college, Conor finds himself spending more and more time in downtown Montreal, discovering himself through punk and hardcore music. But as his girlfriend wants nothing to do with the city and his friend Jake loses his brother when the factory closes, Conor’s ambitions could require him to burn bridges he might not be ready to burn.

With A Teenage Suicide, Ian wanted to write a story about kids making decisions and kids making mistakes. Stylistically, it is fair to mention influences of Truman Capote and Mordecai Richler. Imagine of the “cold-hard-fact” descriptions of In Cold Blood mixed with the realistic and witty dialogue of The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz.

Ian Truman is a hardcore kid turned writer. He proudly claims to be from a working class family and has been straight edge and vegetarian for at least a decade now. He hopes to bring the passion, verve and dedication of hardcore into the art form of the novel. Born and raised in Montreal, he is a graduate of Concordia University’s creative writing program. A Teenage Suicide is his third novel.

“Ian Truman doesn’t lecture young minds. He rather speaks with them as he explains the beauties and the hardships of adult life in their own words. A TEENAGE SUICIDE will fascinate the young and bring a wave of nostalgia to the old better than a cool summer night can.” – Benoit Lelièvre, Dead End Follies

“there are those who relate to Holden Caulfield and there are those who think The Catcher in the Rye is a boring, overrated book. If you’re the former, A Teenage Suicide might be the book for you.” – Portland Book Review

“Bottom line is keep an eye out for him if you aren’t already.” – Spinetingler Magazine.

Won the Expozine Alternative Press award for Best English Book.

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