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Don't Everyone Jump at Once by Ross Murray


What would you like to know? The real made-up rules of rugby? Society’s failure to properly honour the long john? The power secrets of MEtivation? How to perform a body scan on the Prime Minister? What to do when you discover slime in your Gatorade? Fifty ways to say “I love you”? Something that rhymes with “borscht”? Ross Murray has all the answers. If only someone would ask him the questions. All you really need to know is that this collection of observations about the weirdness and wonders of life will leave you laughing and jumping for joy. Praise for Ross Murray – We call him The Sage of Stanstead for his wise-cracking brilliance. Each of his columns leaves us wondering, “How does he come up with this stuff?” A mixture of Rick Mercer, Stuart McLean and Rex Murphy, he’s a Canadian wizard of wit and satire who never fails to amuse and amaze. Jacquie Czernin, host, CBC Radio’s “Breakaway”. …………………….. Every once in a while, you happen upon a writer you never knew before but know you’ll never forget. I was lucky to meet Ross Murray. He’s brilliant, funny, wise and loves his community. He’s not afraid to say where he stands and not afraid to play – even dazzle us – with his language. Think Cirque du Soleil, Murray as one of Quebec’s linguistic acrobatic journalists. Sheree Fitch, author, Kiss the Joy as it Flies …………………………. About the author Ross Murray is an award-winning humorist and radio contributor and the author of the earlier collection, You’re Not Going to Eat That, Are You? Raised in Nova Scotia, Ross has lived in the Eastern Townships of Quebec since the early 1990’s with his wife Debbie, four children and far too many pets. After all this time, Ross feels comfortable calling himself a Townshipper; his neighbours call him something else.

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