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A Month of Sundays by Edward O. Phillips


At the age of seventy, Geoffry Chadwick’s life is ready to begin again. To commemorate his wife Elinor’s death, seventy-year-old retiree Geoffry Chadwick plans to hold a grand party in lieu of a memorial service. His decision indirectly triggers a chain of surprising events: a man named Harold visits from Toronto, claiming to be his son from a youthful fling. Also visiting is his childhood friend Larry, accompanied by a new lover, Desmond, who Geoffry immediately takes a liking to. As the day of the party approaches, events take a turn for the worse. Geoffry’s alcoholic elderly mother dies. Larry is ordered to abandon his own alcoholism. Harold vanishes after borrowing a large sum of money to pay off a gambling debt. Thankfully, Geoffry is not left alone to cope. His overbearing sister begins to mellow, and Desmond makes a surprise appearance at the party.

With a characteristic wisecrack always at the ready, Geoffry comes to terms with his present situation and prepares to live out the rest of his life.

The latest in the award-winning Sunday series of novels by Edward O. Phillips, A Month of Sundays is a wry and human take on coming to terms with grief and old age.

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