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Three Wishes Vending Machine by Patricia Srigley


After Wolfe loses a tooth challenging the ranking class bully, he tapes it up in his locker like a bloody trophy. The next morning, it has been replaced by three gold coins and they work in the battered black vending machine.

The prizes that pop out do the oddest things and cause Wolfe almost nothing but trouble. When one toy makes the bully Ryan disappear into thin air, Wolfe must find a way to bring him back—except he’s completely out of wishing coins. Or is there a way to get more?

With the help of his new friends, Corey and Nate, Wolfe earns himself a reputation as a hero instead of a troublemaker, and finds a home at Moody Gasping Middle School.

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Fantasy for Young Adults



Wiggles Worth Press

Beaconsfield, Quebec