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Listening In by Mary Vipond

Histories of Canada’s broadcasting have tended to neglect the earliest days of the industry in the 1920s, focusing instead on public broadcasting policy after 1932. Listening In fills this gap. Between 1922 and 1932 virtually all of Canadian broadcasting was in the private sector. The campaign in the early 30s to institute a broadcasting system oriented towards more public service and the promotion of a national identity was partially successful. Vipond reveals however that the act that in 1932 set up the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission, now the CBC, was much weaker than has generally been recognized. She argues that this weakness was a consequence of the fact that over the course of the 1920s, broadcasters, listeners, and politicians alike had built up certain expectations of radio which could not easily be disregarded.

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The First Decade of Canadian Broadcasting 1922-32



radio broadcasting



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