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Aegean Tales by Pan Bouyoucas , Translated by Sheila Fischman


The Other begins during the German occupation of Leros during World War II. Thomas is a young man guided by dreams: of marrying the girl he loves, of becoming a sailor, of seeing the world. That all changes when he takes a detour, and in so doing loses any chance of chasing his dreams. Trapped in the echoes of that seemingly innocuous choice, Thomas spends years resigned to living a life he never wanted — until, one day, he encounters the self he never had the chance to become.

Anna Why tells the tale of two nuns posted to a Byzantine fortress crowning the peak of Mount Pitiki. Sister Nicoletta is 52, worldly, and generous with her kindness. Sister Veroniki is 24, naive, and dogmatic in her beliefs. Their uneasy relationship, one rooted in faith and forged by solitude, is put to the test when a wandering deacon settles at their doorstep, adrift in despair and clinging to the wreckage of a lost love.

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