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Regret the Error by Craig Silverman


In Regret the Error, journalist Craig Silverman asks key questions that concern everyone who follows the news, both print and broadcast: What is the wellspring of the flood of errors in the news? What can be done to minimize mistakes? Does this culture of error degrade our media-driven society? The resulting answers make for a lively journey through the history of media mistakes, punctuated with a collection of journalistic slip-ups, some of which are hilarious, while others are calamitous and even tragic.
By pinpointing numerous categories of error, Silverman shines a light on the media’s carelessness. Conceding that errors are often inadvertent, the author finds nonetheless that they are occasionally rooted in serious ethical lapses. He chronicles the decline of fact-checking at magazines and the simultaneous rise of fact-checking readers and interest groups, and voices a rousing call to arms for all news organizations to mend their ways and reclaim the role of the press as the honest voice of the people.

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