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Green City

by Mary Soderstrom , Translated by Mary Soderstrom
Non-Fiction | 2006

Grow Home, The

by Avi Friedman , Translated by Avi Friedman
Non-Fiction | 2001

Growing with Canada

by Paul Helmer , Translated by Paul Helmer
Non-Fiction | 2009

Guilty Men: They Made Trump

by Michael Carin , Translated by Michael Carin
Non-Fiction | 2019

Gwethalyn Graham

by Barbara Meadowcroft , Translated by Barbara Meadowcroft
Non-Fiction | 2008

Half Man, Half Beast

by Maurice Podbrey , Translated by Maurice Podbrey
Non-Fiction | 1997
Finalist for First Book Prize in 1997

He Who Laughs, Lasts

by Josh Freed , Translated by Josh Freed
Non-Fiction | 2012

Hear, O Israel

by David Solway , Translated by David Solway
Non-Fiction | 2009

Hidden Canada

by Norman Ravvin , Translated by Norman Ravvin
Non-Fiction | 2001

High Hopes

by Paul Almond and Michael Ballantyne , Translated by Paul Almond and Michael Ballantyne
Non-Fiction | 1999

History and Sociology of Genocide

by Frank Chalk , Translated by Frank Chalk
Non-Fiction | 1990

Hockey Phrase Book, The

by Lewis J. Poteet , Translated by Lewis J. Poteet
Non-Fiction | 1987

Hockey, Heroes & Me

by Red Fisher , Translated by Red Fisher
Non-Fiction | 1994

Hollywood North

by Mike Gasher , Translated by Mike Gasher
Non-Fiction | 2002


by Witold Rybczynski , Translated by Witold Rybczynski
Non-Fiction | 1986
Winner of The QSPELL Prize for Non-Fiction in 1988

Homo Erectus

by Joel Yanofsky , Translated by Joel Yanofsky
Non-Fiction | 1996

Hooked on Canadian Books

by Terry Rigelhof , Translated by Terry Rigelhof
Non-Fiction | 2010


by Helge Dascher and Guy Delisle , Translated by Helge Dascher and Guy Delisle
Non-Fiction | 2017

Hot Money and the Politics of Debt

by R.T. Naylor , Translated by R.T. Naylor
Non-Fiction | 1987

Humboldt's Mexico

by Myron Echenberg , Translated by Myron Echenberg
Non-Fiction | 2017

Hypnosis, Will and Memory

by Jean-Roch Laurence , Translated by Jean-Roch Laurence
Non-Fiction | 1988
Finalist for The QSPELL Prize for Non-Fiction in 1988

I Hate Summer

by Michelle Franklin , Translated by Michelle Franklin
Non-Fiction | 2017

I Swear by Apollo

by Don Gilmor , Translated by Don Gilmor
Non-Fiction | 1987