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Faking Death

by Penny Cousineau-Levine , Translated by Penny Cousineau-Levine
Non-Fiction | 2003

Fear of Frying and other Fax of Life

by Josh Freed , Translated by Josh Freed
Non-Fiction | 1994

Fictional Family

by Muriel Gold , Translated by Muriel Gold
Non-Fiction | 1991

Fighting from Home

by Serge Marc Durflinger , Translated by Serge Marc Durflinger
Non-Fiction | 2006

First Summer People, The

by Susan Weston Smith , Translated by Susan Weston Smith
Non-Fiction | 1993

Fishing with Simon

by Charles Lynch , Translated by Charles Lynch
Non-Fiction | 1991

Flight from Famine

by Donald MacKay , Translated by Donald MacKay
Non-Fiction | 1990
Winner of The QSPELL Prize for Non-Fiction in 1991

Fools Rule

by William Marsden , Translated by William Marsden
Non-Fiction | 2011
Finalist for The Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-Fiction in 2012

For Love of a Woman

by Calvin D. Evans , Translated by Calvin D. Evans
Non-Fiction | 1992

Fortune Favours the Bold

by Donald L. Van Dyke , Translated by Donald L. Van Dyke
Non-Fiction | 2008


by Zhimei Zhang , Translated by Zhimei Zhang
Non-Fiction | 1992
Winner of The QSPELL Prize for Non-Fiction in 1993

Frankenstein Room, The

by Gunda Lambton , Translated by Gunda Lambton
Non-Fiction | 2000

Freedom to Smoke, The

by Jarrett Rudy , Translated by Jarrett Rudy
Non-Fiction | 2005

French Kiss

by Chantal Hébert , Translated by Chantal Hébert
Non-Fiction | 2007

Freud and the Rat Man

by Patrick J. Mahony , Translated by Patrick J. Mahony
Non-Fiction | 1986

From Cohen to Carson

by Ian Rae , Translated by Ian Rae
Non-Fiction | 2008

From Politics to Profit

by Minko Sotiron , Translated by Minko Sotiron
Non-Fiction | 1997

Fruit Machine, The

by Thomas Waugh , Translated by Thomas Waugh
Non-Fiction | 2000

Fuzzy Logic

by Matthew Friedman , Translated by Matthew Friedman
Non-Fiction | 1998
Winner of First Book Prize in 1998

Gabrielle Roy

by Patricia Claxton and François Ricard , Translated by Patricia Claxton and François Ricard
Non-Fiction | 1999
Finalist for QWF Translation Prize in 1999

Genius at Work

by Dorothy Harley Eber , Translated by Dorothy Harley Eber
Non-Fiction | 1991