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Dying with AIDS/Living with AIDS

by Mark Leslie , Translated by Mark Leslie
Non-Fiction | 1992

E.K. Brown

by Laura Smyth Groening , Translated by Laura Smyth Groening
Non-Fiction | 1994
Winner of The QSPELL Prize for Non-Fiction in 1994

Economics in Crisis

by Louis-Philippe Rochon , Translated by Louis-Philippe Rochon
Non-Fiction | 1994

Education in New France

by Roger Magnuson , Translated by Roger Magnuson
Non-Fiction | 1992

Education Lost

by David Solway , Translated by David Solway
Non-Fiction | 1989
Winner of The QSPELL Prize for Non-Fiction in 1990

Electric Rivers

by Sean McCutcheon , Translated by Sean McCutcheon
Non-Fiction | 1991

Emotions in Motion

by Esther A. Dagan , Translated by Esther A. Dagan
Non-Fiction | 1990

Empire of Desire

by Thierry Hentsch and Fred A. Reed , Translated by Thierry Hentsch and Fred A. Reed
Non-Fiction | 2008

Empress of Ireland

by Derek Grout , Translated by Derek Grout
Non-Fiction | 1998
Finalist for McAuslan First Book Prize in 2002

Enchanted Objects

by Allan Hepburn , Translated by Allan Hepburn
Non-Fiction | 2010

End of Elsewhere, The

by Taras Grescoe , Translated by Taras Grescoe
Non-Fiction | 2003
Finalist for The Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-Fiction in 2003

Engendering the Republic of Letters

by Susan Dalton , Translated by Susan Dalton
Non-Fiction | 2004


by Julija Šukys , Translated by Julija Šukys
Non-Fiction | 2012
Finalist for The Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-Fiction in 2012

Étagères et barreaux de fer

by Louisa Blair , Translated by Louisa Blair
Non-Fiction | 2016


by Marianna O'Gallagher , Translated by Marianna O'Gallagher
Non-Fiction | 1995

Fabled City

by Joe King , Translated by Joe King
Non-Fiction | 2009

Facsimiles of Time

by Eric Ormsby , Translated by Eric Ormsby
Non-Fiction | 2001

Faking Death

by Penny Cousineau-Levine , Translated by Penny Cousineau-Levine
Non-Fiction | 2003

Fear of Frying and other Fax of Life

by Josh Freed , Translated by Josh Freed
Non-Fiction | 1994

Fictional Family

by Muriel Gold , Translated by Muriel Gold
Non-Fiction | 1991

Fighting from Home

by Serge Marc Durflinger , Translated by Serge Marc Durflinger
Non-Fiction | 2006

First Summer People, The

by Susan Weston Smith , Translated by Susan Weston Smith
Non-Fiction | 1993

Fishing with Simon

by Charles Lynch , Translated by Charles Lynch
Non-Fiction | 1991

Flight from Famine

by Donald MacKay , Translated by Donald MacKay
Non-Fiction | 1990
Winner of The QSPELL Prize for Non-Fiction in 1991