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Brian Moore

by Denis Sampson , Translated by Denis Sampson
Non-Fiction | 1998

Broadcasting Policy in Canada

by Robert Armstrong , Translated by Robert Armstrong
Non-Fiction | 2010


by Mordecai Richler , Translated by Mordecai Richler
Non-Fiction | 1990

Brotherhood to Nationhood

by Peter McFarlane , Translated by Peter McFarlane
Non-Fiction | 1993

Building Bridges

by Victor C. Goldbloom , Translated by Victor C. Goldbloom
Non-Fiction | 2015

Buntys and Pinkies

by Ashok Chandwani , Translated by Ashok Chandwani
Non-Fiction | 1996
Finalist for First Book Prize in 1997

Butter Cream

by Denise Roig , Translated by Denise Roig
Non-Fiction | 2008

Can I Have a Word With You

by Howard Richler , Translated by Howard Richler
Non-Fiction | 2007

Canadian Myth, A

by William Johnson , Translated by William Johnson
Non-Fiction | 1994

Canadian Unity and Quebec

by Hugh MacLennan , Translated by Hugh MacLennan
Non-Fiction |

Caribou Hunter

by Serge Bouchard and Joan E. Irving , Translated by Serge Bouchard and Joan E. Irving
Non-Fiction | 2006

Cathederals of Science

by Susan Sheets-Pyenson , Translated by Susan Sheets-Pyenson
Non-Fiction | 1988

Changing My Mind

by Margaret Trudeau , Translated by Margaret Trudeau
Non-Fiction | 2010

Charlevoix County, 1930

by Jori Smith , Translated by Jori Smith
Non-Fiction | 1998
Finalist for The Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-Fiction in 1999
Finalist for First Book Prize in 1999

Chief Justice W.R. Jackett

by Richard W. Pound , Translated by Richard W. Pound
Non-Fiction | 1999

Choosing Wildness

by Claude Arbour and Joan E. Irving , Translated by Claude Arbour and Joan E. Irving
Non-Fiction | 2008

City Unique

by William Weintraub , Translated by William Weintraub
Non-Fiction | 1997
Winner of The QSPELL Prize for Non-Fiction in 1997

Civilization and its Discontented

by John F. Laffey , Translated by John F. Laffey
Non-Fiction | 1993
Finalist for The QSPELL Prize for Non-Fiction in 1993

Class Action

by Dian Cohen , Translated by Dian Cohen
Non-Fiction | 1993

Comfort Me with Apples

by Joe Fiorito , Translated by Joe Fiorito
Non-Fiction | 1994

Communitarian Third Way, The

by John Hellman , Translated by John Hellman
Non-Fiction | 2002