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This Year in Jerusalem

by Mordecai Richler , Translated by Mordecai Richler
Non-Fiction |

Tides of Change on Grand Manan Island

by Joan Marshall , Translated by Joan Marshall
Non-Fiction | 2009

Toward the Charter

by Christopher MacLennan , Translated by Christopher MacLennan
Non-Fiction | 2003

Traces of the Past

by Sara Ferdman Tauben , Translated by Sara Ferdman Tauben
Non-Fiction | 2011

Train Country

by Donald MacKay and Lorne Perry , Translated by Donald MacKay and Lorne Perry
Non-Fiction |

Translating Montreal

by Sherry Simon , Translated by Sherry Simon
Non-Fiction | 2006
Winner of The Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-Fiction in 2006

Travelling Light

by John Buell , Translated by John Buell
Non-Fiction | 2004

Treasures of the Reford Gardens

by Alexander Reford , Translated by Alexander Reford
Non-Fiction | 2006

Truth Is Naked, All Others Pay Cash

by Byron Rempel , Translated by Byron Rempel
Non-Fiction | 2006
Finalist for The Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-Fiction in 2006

Truth or Death

by Thierry Hentsch and Fred A. Reed , Translated by Thierry Hentsch and Fred A. Reed
Non-Fiction | 2005
Winner of QWF Translation Prize in 2005

Understanding Canadian Defence

by Desmond Morton , Translated by Desmond Morton
Non-Fiction | 2003

Unlucky to the End

by Richard W. Pound , Translated by Richard W. Pound
Non-Fiction | 2007

Unsupported Assertions

by Hugh Hood , Translated by Hugh Hood
Non-Fiction |

Up the Hill

by Donald J. Johnston , Translated by Donald J. Johnston
Non-Fiction |

Vive le Quebec Libre

by Dale Thomson , Translated by Dale Thomson
Non-Fiction |

Voice of the Vanishing Minority

by Robert Hill , Translated by Robert Hill
Non-Fiction | 1999
Finalist for The Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-Fiction in 1999

Voice of Two Women, The

by Gretta Hashemi , Translated by Gretta Hashemi
Non-Fiction |

Vulnerable Fortress, The

by James R. Taylor , Translated by James R. Taylor
Non-Fiction | 1993

W Hour

by Arthur Ney , Translated by Arthur Ney
Non-Fiction | 2014

Wages of Crime

by R.T. Naylor , Translated by R.T. Naylor
Non-Fiction | 2002

Waiting for the Sun

Non-Fiction |

Wake Me in the Morning

by Giles Walker , Translated by Giles Walker
Non-Fiction | 2011