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Now Back to You, Dick

by Dick Irvin , Translated by Dick Irvin
Non-Fiction |

Oh Canada ! Oh Quebec!

by Mordecai Richler , Translated by Mordecai Richler
Non-Fiction |

On All the Other Days

by Clint Ward , Translated by Clint Ward
Non-Fiction | 2017

On Being a Maritime Writer

by Hugh MacLennan , Translated by Hugh MacLennan
Non-Fiction | 1984

On the Move

by Bruno Ramirez , Translated by Bruno Ramirez
Non-Fiction |

On the Road to Find Out

by Robert C. Brewster , Translated by Robert C. Brewster
Non-Fiction | 2014

Once a Lion

by B.K. Robinson , Translated by B.K. Robinson
Non-Fiction | 1996

One Child at a Time

by Julian Sher , Translated by Julian Sher
Non-Fiction | 2007

One-Eyed Kings

by Ronald Graham , Translated by Ronald Graham
Non-Fiction |

Other Conundrums

by Monika Kin Gagnon , Translated by Monika Kin Gagnon
Non-Fiction | 2000
Finalist for First Book Prize in 2001

Our Future Selves

by Merrily Weisbord , Translated by Merrily Weisbord
Non-Fiction | 1991

Out Of Bounds

by Brian Eddington , Translated by Brian Eddington
Non-Fiction | 2004

Out Standing in the Field

by Sandra Perron , Translated by Sandra Perron
Non-Fiction | 2017
Winner of The Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-Fiction in 2017

Outsider Blues

by Clifton Ruggles , Translated by Clifton Ruggles
Non-Fiction | 1996

Outstaring Nature's Eye

by Denis Sampson , Translated by Denis Sampson
Non-Fiction |

Painting Friends

by Barbara Meadowcroft , Translated by Barbara Meadowcroft
Non-Fiction | 1999

Painting the Map Red

by Carman Miller , Translated by Carman Miller
Non-Fiction |


by Louis Dudek , Translated by Louis Dudek
Non-Fiction |

Partita for Glenn Gould

by Georges Leroux and Donald Winkler , Translated by Georges Leroux and Donald Winkler
Non-Fiction | 2011
Finalist for QWF Translation Prize in 2011

Partita pour Glenn Gould

by Georges Leroux , Translated by Georges Leroux
Non-Fiction | 2007

Paths of Opportunity

by Sharon Callaghan , Translated by Sharon Callaghan
Non-Fiction | 2009

Patient No More

by Sharon Batt , Translated by Sharon Batt
Non-Fiction |
Finalist for The QSPELL Prize for Non-Fiction in 1995

Patriotic Elaborations

by Charles Blattberg , Translated by Charles Blattberg
Non-Fiction | 2009