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H. Nigel Thomas

Author of:
Fate's Instruments
No Safeguards (Finalist for The Paragraphe Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction in 2015)
Lives: Whole and Otherwise
Return to Arcadia
Behind The Face Of Winter
How Loud Can The Village Cock Crow?
Moving Through Darkness
Spirits in the Dark (Finalist for The Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction in 1994)


Melissa A. Thompson

Author of:
Dreadful Paris (Finalist for McAuslan First Book Prize in 2006)


Kim Thúy

Author of:
Mãn (Finalist for QWF Translation Prize in 2015)


Michelle Tisseyre

Translator of:
Sans limites (Finalist for QWF Translation Prize in 2010)


Sherwin Tjia

Author of:
The World is a Heartbreaker (Finalist for The A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry in 2005)
Gentle Fictions


Jack Todd

Author of:
Rose & Poe
Rain Falls Like Mercy
Come Again No More
Sun Going Down
The Taste of Metal (Winner of The Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-Fiction in 2001) (Winner of First Book Prize in 2001)


Janet Torge

Author of:
Dear Sam


Lise Tremblay

Author of:
Judith's Sister (Finalist for QWF Translation Prize in 2013)
The Hunting Ground