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Jennifer (J.M.) Bogart


J.M. Bogart believes there’s a spark of magic in every person, regardless of age or background.
Her upper Middle Grade novels are written with bright and imaginative youth in mind.
She hopes to provide fun and appropriate content combined with challenging language and concepts for readers drifting in those precocious middle years.
Ms. Bogart spends her days writing, editing, and caring for her very busy family.
She used to dream of the day when Mary Poppins would swoop in to help with the children, but now that they are older she wishes those chaotic days filled with giggles and sunshine hadn’t disappeared quite so fast.
You can follow J.M. Bogart on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and her blog.

Books by Jennifer (J.M.) Bogart

Liminals_bookcoverver2-1 Liminal Lights