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Peter McCambridge


Peter McCambridge is a full-time, award-winning literary translator. Originally from Ireland, Peter holds a BA in modern languages from Cambridge University, England, and wrote a dissertation of the Montréal Canadiens and popular culture in Québec. He has lived in Québec City with his family for ten years. He founded and heads the Québec Reads webzine. He is also the fiction editor of QC Fiction.

Books translated by Peter McCambridge

514-kmzhfml._sy264_bo1_204_203_200_ql40_ml2_ Tatouine

41qfbblygsl._sx322_bo1_204_203_200_ The Little Fox of Mayerville

Theadventuresofradisson The Adventures of Radisson, Vol. 1: Hell Never Burns

Songs_for_the_cold_of_heart_-_peter_mccambridge Songs for the Cold of Heart