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Chantal Neveu


Chantal Neveu chooses writing as her preferred mode of exploration and knowledge. She is the author of mentale and coït (La Peuplade), Une spectaculaire influence (Éditions de l’Hexagone) and of interdisciplinary literature projects such as èdres, followed by èdres | dehors (É=É), Je suis venue faire l’amour (Contre-mur), Passing and Ce qui arrive (OBORO). Coït, translated from French to English by Angela Carr, was published by BookThug (Toronto). Other texts of hers have been translated by Angela Carr, Nathanaël, and Norma Cole. Chantal Neveu contributed to the collective book Laboratoire parcellaire, co-published by La Peuplade and OBORO, and participated in the creative research project “Stratégies artistiques de spatialisation du savoir” (“Artistic strategies in knowledge spatialization”) initiated and directed by Suzanne Leblanc (Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture and Université Laval). Chantal Neveu lives in Montreal and during the fall of 2013 stayed at the International Artist Residence of Villa Waldberta in Bavaria.

Books by Chantal Neveu

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