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Julia K. Rohan


Julia K. Rohan earned an Honours English Literature degree from Concordia University in her late forties. Five years later, she began writing what would eventually become the Weaverworld Fantasy Trilogy. The first book in the series, “Weaverworld: Grimsnipe’s Revenge”, was published in 2012, and the second, "Quest for the Eagle-eye Amulet, in 2014. “The Timekeeper’s Solution” is the final book in the trilogy. She resides in the country outside Montreal with her husband, her rescue dog Mr. Bojangles and a cat named Twister.

Books by Julia K. Rohan

Timekeeper's_solution The Timekeeper's Solution

Questfortheeagleeyeamulet Quest for the Eagle-Eye Amulet

Weaverworld Weaverworld: Grimsnipe's Revenge