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Trevor Ferguson


Trevor Ferguson , a.k.a John Farrow, (born 11 Nov 1947) is a Canadian novelist who lives in Hudson, Quebec. He is the author of nine novels and four plays. He has been called Canada’s best novelist both in Books in Canada and the Toronto Star.

Born in Seaforth, Huron County, Ontario in 1947, he was raised in Montreal from the age of three. In his mid-teens, he gravitated towards Canada’s northwest where he worked on railway gangs, and also began to write, working at night in the bunkhouses.

In his early twenties, he travelled and worked throughout Europe and the United States before returning to Montreal to write. He settled into driving a taxi by night and writing by day until the publication of his first novel, High Water Chants, in 1977, which Dennis Lee called one of the best in the language. His second novel, Onyx John, in 1985, received (arguably) the highest critical acclaim in the history of Canadian literature. Leon Rooke called it one of the five best novels of the twentieth century. Sixteen years later, the novel would become a bestseller in France. Indeed, his work is highly regarded in France, where he’s often cited as being one of the world’s pre-eminent writers.

Books by Trevor Ferguson

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Huron County, Ontario