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Pascale Quiviger


Pascale Quiviger was born in 1969 in Montreal (Canada), to a French-speaking family. After a Masters degree in philosophy, she completed a Studio Arts degree, followed by a post-graduate printmaking apprenticeship in Rome (Italy).

Pascale was often told that she would have to choose between writing and painting, but she never could bring herself to do it. They are both natural parts of her, and they provide complementary ways of interpreting reality and expressing her interior world.

Her activities now also include the teaching of drawing, creativity workshops and hypnotherapy.

Pascale moved to Nottingham (UK) in 2008 after spending 10 years in Italy. She lives with her daughter, her husband and their little dog.

Books by Pascale Quiviger

Break The Breakwater House

Lamaison La Maison des temps rompus

If_you_hear_me_-_lazer_lederhendler If You Hear Me