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Ian Ferrier


Ian Ferrier is one of the core writer/performers in the North American performance literature scene. His work is well-known across Canada, New York, and Europe. Rooted in poetry, his live performances are a haunting blend of acoustic guitar, choir, whispered voice, and the trancelike music of a band called Pharmakon. His signature is the quiet, compelling voice at the centre of every piece. Ian Ferrier also co-founded the poetry/music label Wired on Words, which won public radio’s Standard Broadcasting Award in its first year. Pieces by Ferrier can be heard on CBC, as well as on other public radio stations nationwide and in the U.S. He resides in Montreal, where he hosts the city’s monthly Words & Music literature series, and remains on the board of the Quebec Writers’ Federation.

Books by Ian Ferrier

36274048_1720455244669898_4279782091232641024_o A Child Sees Winter Coming and a Bear Dreams

Exploding Exploding Head Man