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Andrée Lévesque


Andrée Lévesque is a specialist in twentieth-century women’s history as well as in labour and working-class history. She is the author of Red Travellers: Jeanne Corbin and her Comrades (MQUP, 2006; Kenny Prize 2008), and of the biography of librarian and journalist Éva Circé-Côté (1871-1949) (Remue-Ménage 2010; Clio Prize 2010). It will appear in English translation by Between The Lines, Toronto, in 2017. Her current research focuses on the social and political content of autobiographical texts. She is the director of the Archives Passe-Mémoire, an archival centre specialised in personal writings, correspondence, diaries, and autobiographies.

Books by Andrée Lévesque

Freethinker_fcov_frame_72rgb_300_449_90 Freethinker: The Life and Works of Éva Circé-Côté

Levesque_lg Red Travellers