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David Solway


David Solway is the author of many books of poetry including Modern Marriage, which received the QSPELL Prize for Poetry; Franklin’s Passage, winner of Le Grand Prix du Livre de Montréal and Reaching for Clear, awarded the A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry. Among his prose publications, Education Lost won the QSPELL Prize for Nonfiction and Random Walks was a finalist for Le Grand Prix du Livre de Montréal. A French translation of his writings on education, Le bon prof, was awarded Le Prix Spirale. He has also published several volumes on political subjects, of which The Big Lie: On Terror, Antisemitism, and Identity was a Canadian best-seller.

Books by David Solway

Habibi Habibi

Frankland Passage de Franklin

Israel Hear, O Israel

411 Reaching for Clear

9780978176501 The Big Lie

Solway-properties_web The Properties of Things

Pallikari- The Pallikari of Nesmine Rifat

0889842728 Director's Cut

Solway_franklin_lg Franklin's Passage

0889842299.01.lzzzzzzz Lover's Progress, The

333 An Andreas Karavis Companion

Solway_turtle The Turtle Hypodermic of Sickenpods

332 Saracen Island

Solway_chess Chess Pieces

Solway_lying Lying About the Wolf

1550650416.01._sclzzzzzzz_ Bedrock

Anatomy of Arcadia, The

Education Lost

Modern Marriage



December 08, 1941