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Byron Rempel


Byron Rempel ran away from his home as a Mennonite in a Canadian prairie village and joined a Parisian circus (la cirque Massila), which was followed by a turn as assistant elephant caretaker for a travelling Italian circus (il Circo Medrano). A fascination for jungle life led to a gig as writer-in-residence for a Maya archaeological dig in Belize. Among other professions, Byron has tended bar in London, picked grapes in Beaujolais and picked stones in Manitoba.

Byron Rempel has written journalism since the 1980s for newspapers, magazines and internet sites. He also wrote a monthly humour column, and a column deciphering Quebec for Western Canadians. Byron has been a copy writer for airlines, record companies and art festivals. He has edited novels, as well as primary level texts for Belizean schools. He has authored two novels, one double biography of twins, and an autobiographical exaggeration.

Byron Rempel has been involved in the Quebec writing community since the 1990s, specifically through the Quebec Writers Federation.. He lives in the Laurentians.

Books by Byron Rempel

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