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Hélène Dorion


Hélène Dorion was born in 1958 in Quebec City. She studied Philosophy at the University of Laval, and published her first poetry collection, L’Intervalle prolongé, in 1983. She is the winner of the Governor General’s Award for Poetry, the Prix Mallarmé, the Prix French Studies of the University of Montreal, the Prix Wallonie- Bruxelles, the Prix Anne-Hébert, the Prix Alain-Grandbois, and numerous other Canadian and international prizes. When Ravir: Les lieux appeared in 2005, Dorion became the first Canadian to receive the Prix Mallarmé, while her 2008 poetry collection, Le Hublot des heures, won the Prix Charles-Vildrac – another first for a Quebecois writer. In 2011, Dorion won the European Prix Senghor.

Books by Hélène Dorion

Sand Days of Sand

World_dorion No End to the World


April 21, 1958

Quebec City