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Kaie Kellough


Kaie Kellough is a poet, fiction writer, and sound performer who is as enamored of the sentence as he is of the scream. Kaie’s writing has been scored for small and large musical ensembles, and has toured Canada and Europe. His most recent book is Magnetic Equator (McClelland and Stewart, 2019). He is the author of two sound-poetry recordings, two earlier books of poetry, and the novel Accordéon. Kaie’s upcoming work is Dominoes at the Crossroads (Véhicule, 2020), fiction that plays double-dutch with time and latitude, and divides its consciousness between North America and the Caribbean.

Books by Kaie Kellough

Maple Maple Leaf Rag

Lettricity Lettricity

Magnetic_equator_-_kaie_kellough Magnetic Equator