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David Homel

Marina Vulicević

David Homel was born in Chicago in 1952 and left in 1970 for Paris, living in Europe the next few years on odd jobs and odder couches. He has published eight novels, from Electrical Storms in 1988 to The Teardown, which won the Paragraph Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction in 2019. He has also written young adult fiction with Marie-Louise Gay, directed documentary films, worked in TV production, been a literary translator, journalist, and creative writing teacher. Lunging into the Underbrush is his first book of non-fiction. He lives in Montreal.

Books by David Homel

327704 Lunging into the Underbrush: A Life Lived Backward

Traveling_circus The Traveling Circus

Thefledglings The Fledglings

Summer%20in%20city Summer in the City

Midway Midway

On_the_road_again On the Road Again

Homelcover Speaking Cure, The

2742741267.08.lzzzzzzz L'analyste

Rat Palms

Electrical Storms

Sonya & Jack

The_teardown_-_david_homel.jpg The Teardown

Books translated by David Homel

446 The Lily Pad and the Spider

Nan_goldin Nan Goldin: The Warrior Medusa

Llp_womenandpower_72dpi_rgb Women and Power

Llp_bitterrose_front_lores_copy Bitter Rose

Hysteric Hysteric

Maleficium Maleficium

Thereturn The Return

Wildlives Wildlives

0889225443_lg The Baldwins

Salt A Covenant of Salt

0889225206 All That Glitters

155054991x.01.lzzzzzzz Heart Is An Involuntary Muscle, The

Taximan_-_david_homel Taximan

The_weight_of_snow_-_david_homel The Weight of Snow

The_green_chamber_-_fred_reed_david_homel The Green Chamber


Canadian, American

September 15, 1952