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David Homel

Marina Vulicević

David Homel is the author of eight novels for adults and four for younger readers, the latter co-written with Marie-Louise Gay. He has also been active as a journalist, literary translator, teacher, and documentary filmmaker, and has won a number of prizes here and in other countries. His works have appeared in French and Mandarin, Serbian and Croatian.

Books by David Homel

Traveling_circus The Traveling Circus

Thefledglings The Fledglings

Summer%20in%20city Summer in the City

Midway Midway

On_the_road_again On the Road Again

Homelcover Speaking Cure, The

2742741267.08.lzzzzzzz L'analyste

Rat Palms

Electrical Storms

Sonya & Jack

The_teardown_-_david_homel.jpg The Teardown

Books translated by David Homel

Nan_goldin Nan Goldin: The Warrior Medusa

Llp_womenandpower_72dpi_rgb Women and Power

Llp_bitterrose_front_lores_copy Bitter Rose

Hysteric Hysteric

Maleficium Maleficium

Thereturn The Return

Wildlives Wildlives

0889225443_lg The Baldwins

Salt A Covenant of Salt

0889225206 All That Glitters

155054991x.01.lzzzzzzz Heart Is An Involuntary Muscle, The

Taximan_-_david_homel Taximan

The_weight_of_snow_-_david_homel The Weight of Snow

The_green_chamber_-_fred_reed_david_homel The Green Chamber


Canadian, American

September 15, 1952